Unveiling our Three Newest All-Natural Vegan Scents: Adagio, Noir, and Soie!

We are thrilled to come bearing remarkable news! We are unveiling not one, not two, but a trio of new fragrances, each enchantingly crafted into all-natural vegan perfumes, deodorants, and soaps!

ADAGIO - The Symphony of Scent

Adagio all-natural vegan perfume, deodorant and soap

Adagio orchestrates an intricate symphony of contrasting elements. Deep woody and musky notes of Spruce, Ambrette Seed, Cedarwood, and Tobacco are dancing in harmony in the sweet embrace of Blackcurrant buds and the invigorating freshness of Bergamot. Adagio shows all facets of you, from the raw strength to the refined tenderness.

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NOIR - Elegance in the Shadows

Noir all-natural perfume, deodorant and soap

Derived from the French word for "Pitch Black," Noir embodies the timeless adage that less can indeed be more. This luxurious combination of Oud, Sandalwood, Ambrette Seed, Vetiver, and Bergamot exudes an air of royal exclusivity, evoking a sense of profound sophistication and elegance.

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SOIE - The Essence of Confidence

Soie all-natural vegan perfume, deodorant and soap

Soie is the very embodiment of warmth and refinement at the highest societal echelons. The scent of fresh berries, gracefully entwined with the subtlety of Ambrette Seed and Pink Lotus, will envelop you like the most luxurious silk. With Soie, you'll radiate an aura of self-assured confidence wherever you go.

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