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Fargeot Natural Perfumes is a union between elegance and nature, harnessing the magic of essential oils to create premium-quality fragrances that stand out from the rest. Whether you choose bold or romantic, graceful or dreamy, you can be assured of an all-natural, long-lasting scent that has been thoughtfully formulated and handcrafted.

Our perfumes are also free of synthetics and animal products, and only tested on humans. You do not have to worry about compromising your health or ethics as they are designed with holistic principles in mind. All of our ingredients are fully disclosed, with no hidden trade secrets. 

Named after our family name of French origin, Fargeot Natural Perfumes was founded in November 2020 and officially launched in January 2021 and has been steadily growing eversince. Fargeot Natural Perfumes is a registered Australian business (ABN: 15 768 556 518) and is owned and operated by Jennifer & Anthony Fargeot.

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10 Blazer Street
Box Hill NSW 2765

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+61 422 648 384


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