Are your perfumes, deodorants and soaps 100% natural?

Yes, all our perfumes, deodorants and soaps are 100% natural, which means that 100% of their ingredients is natural. In addition, we DO NOT use any ingredients from animal origin such as beeswax, ambergris or honey. 

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Are your natural perfumes, deodorants and soaps vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, our ingredients are all derived from flowers, plants, trees, grains and fruits. We also only test on consenting humans, never animals. This effectively makes all our perfumes, deodorants and soaps vegan and cruelty-free.

We are Vegan Certified by Vegan Australia.

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Are your natural perfumes, deodorants and soaps original?

Yes, they are! All our natural perfumes and deodorants are original scents that we have personally formulated, designed and handcrafted. We are proudly 100% Australian-owned and based.

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Are your natural perfumes, deodorants and soaps organic?

Organic products are defined as products issued from organic farming. We endeavour to use organic products whenever we can and are proud to state that our products are all over 80% organic. However, some ingredients are sometimes not available as organic products and/or some suppliers may not have their products certified as organic. In such cases, it is not feasible to determine whether an ingredient is truly organic or not. We might take an extra step in the future and develop 100% organic products and get certified accordingly but it is not part of our current projects.

See this blog post for more details around organic principles.

See this blog post around natural, vegan and organic products and our promise to you.

What are your natural perfumes made of?

Our perfumes are mainly composed of essential oils and organic alcohol. All the essential oils are derived from plants, trees and flowers while the alcohol is from grapes. Unlike some big perfume brands hiding behind trademark laws to keep their ingredients undisclosed, we take the opposite stance. All our ingredients are disclosed on our website and our packaging so you are fully aware of what goes onto your skin.

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What are your natural deodorants made of?

Our natural deodorants contain organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, organic arrowroot starch, organic shea butter, non-nano natural zinc oxide, candelilla wax, natural vitamin E and essential oils derived from plants, trees and flowers. No aluminum, no bicarb, no alcohol, no parabens, no sulfates or any other nasties.

See our blog post for more details on all the above ingredients.

What are your natural soaps made of?

Our natural soaps are made of safflower and coconut oils as well as mango butter and vegetable glycerine, lye, salts, sugar, vitamin E, water and essential oils derived from plants, trees and flowers. No SLS/SLES.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We are working with different trusted suppliers that we put through a strict selection process to ensure they are meeting all our criteria in terms of quality and service to source the ingredients going into our products. Majority of our ingredients are produced in Australia and we always endeavour to source as much as possible locally. However, we do have a few suppliers located overseas as we deemed their products superior to what is available in Australia.

How much protection do your natural deodorants offer?

Our formula for natural deodorants has been designed to durably reduce perspiration as well as the proliferation of bacteria in the armpit area that causes malodour when it comes in contact with sweat.

Natural deodorants sometimes don't offer as much protection than a mainstream deodorant though in addition to the above, our natural deodorants are packed with essential oil to enhance their long-lasting effect and offer durable protection.

For optimal efficiency, we recommend application on clean and dry armpits so the initial amount of bacteria is low and our natural deodorants help keeping these areas durably fresh.

See our blog post for more details on what goes in our natural deodorants and why.

How long are your natural perfumes lasting on the skin or clothes?

This will vary from person to person due to different types of skin and other factors. We noticed that most natural perfumes in market would not last longer than a few hours, and this was a major point of frustration for consumers. We invested our efforts in developing formulas allowing our perfumes to last longer while never compromising on our values. Perfumes will usually last longer on clothes than on the skin. Some customers mentioned to us that they were delighted to still be able to smell our perfumes on their skins more than 6 hours after spraying them and even on their clothes the next day!

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How does the smell of your natural perfumes compare to more mainstream synthetics ones?

This was another major pain point for customers. Natural perfumes often just don't compare to "the real stuff". This leads people to either compromise on a scent they don't feel is as good as what they are used to wear, or to revert back to synthetic perfumes. We definitely were in that category and didn't want that for our customers. We invested a lot of time creating scents that are unique, different and can hold the candle to the biggest mainstream brands, but all natural :) We are delighted to hear our customers say that they "will never go back" to synthetic perfumes after trying us. 

You should expect some differences between mainstream and natural perfumes though. We have written an article with more details about that.

What do your natural deodorants and soaps smell like?

Mainstream as well as other natural deodorants and soaps can smell a bit bland or generic. We endeavoured to transfer our perfumery craft to our natural deodorants and soaps to give them high-end scents. In addition, our natural deodorants, perfumes and soaps have matching scent to blend and complement one another perfectly.

What's the consistency of your deodorant?

Our deodorants are a paste. We are always aiming at a consistency that is not too hard and not too runny either. Just right in the middle so it seamlessly applies onto the armpits and also doesn't stick to the fingers. 

We strongly recommend to keep our deodorant at room temperature though (22-26°C). The temperature our deodorants are exposed to may have an effect on their consistency. A hot environment may render it softer while a cold environment can harden it. The deodorants are still usable in such conditions and the consistency should revert back to normal when brought back to room temperature.

If the deodorant paste hardens in colder months, you can warm it up through your fingers to soften it.

How green is your packaging?

Sustainability is something important to our brand. 

Our packaging is mostly made of glass and paper, which can be disposed in a household recycling bin. We endeavour to limit our use of plastic though our packaging still use tiny amounts of plastic, which can also be disposed in a household recycling bin.

To properly dispose of our perfume bottles, you need to make sure they are fully emptied of all their content. We advise for you to unscrew the spray and stem from the bottle, empty any remaining perfume (it is safe to do so in your sink) and rinse the inside of the bottle with hot water (at least twice). Spray out any remaining perfume out of the stem and pop it into the recycling bin along with the rinsed up bottle.

Additionally, as of April 20, 2021, we have switched to no waste, 100% compostable mailers. Cut them up and use them as brown materials in your compost bin!

See this blog post for more details around our commitment to being green. And another one here.

As of August 2021, we are replacing bubble wrap and tape in our packaging by a 100% recyclable and biodegradable alternative, Hex Wrap.

Voila! you smell amazing and cared for our planet :)

Eau de Parfum, Cologne, Eau de Toilette. What is the difference and what are you selling?

We know the terminology can be confusing, especially as they are used interchangeably in day-to-day language. The difference actually comes down to the amount of oil that makes up the scent that is present in the product. Such amount is correlated with how long-lasting the scent will be. Also, the higher the amount, the more pricey an item may be.

Our perfumes are all Eau de Parfum, which is one of the highest concentrations, between 15% and 20%. Only Parfum has a higher concentration over 20%. Eau de Toilette has a concentration between 5% and 15% and Eau de Cologne between 2% and 4%.

We made the choice to develop Eau de Parfum to strike the balance between strength, longevity and value.

See a full blog post we wrote on the matter.

Could I develop an adverse reaction to your natural perfumes, deodorants or soaps?

It is unlikely, but like with any product that goes onto the skin, it can happen. Our ingredients are derived from plants, trees and flowers, to which certain people are allergic or sensitive to. It is recommended to try on a small patch of skin first, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Also, we are disclosing all ingredients for each of our perfumes, deodorants and soaps so you can foresee if there is any you could be sensitive to. If you develop an allergic reaction though, discontinue use immediately and contact us

I am not sure which natural perfume I would like. What would you recommend?

We understand that when buying a perfume online, it is hard to exactly picture the smell and commit to buying a bottle. Therefore, we make a few alternatives available. You can buy 4 ml samples for all of our perfumes. You can choose the size on each product page. We also have Discovery Packs available so you can order several samples to try out before committing to a full bottle.

Also, when you purchase one of our Discovery Packs, you earn a $15 off all 30ml bottles in your next purchase. We include your discount code when we ship your Discovery Pack to you. In addition, 15 days after your purchase, you will also receive an email with your discount code.

If you are buying for someone else and are unsure about what they'd like, we also have Electronic Gift Cards available for $25, $50 and $100 value.

I bought a Discovery Pack but didn't receive my discount code, what do I do?

We include the discount code in your parcel when we send it out. Also, if you left your email with us when checking out, we will be sending you the code via email about 15 days after your purchase. If you didn't receive it, it could be in your spam folder.

If you can't get your hand on the discount code though, don't hesitate to contact us. We will get it sorted for you :)

Why do you divide your natural perfumes and deodorants by gender?

Let's put it out there that gender classification is arbitrary and that all perfumes and deodorants are unisex, including ours. What we label as "Masculine" tends to be more musky and woody whereas what we label as "Feminine" leans towards more floral and sweet notes. We recommend for you to read our product descriptions and ingredients to understand which perfumes/deodorants/soaps would suit you best, regardless of what gender it is classified under.

What is the shelf life of your natural perfumes, deodorants and soaps?

The shelf life of our perfumes is long as natural perfumes go, however it is hard to tell exactly how long as some ingredients will preserve longer than others. We recommend to use our perfumes within 6-8 months of purchase for best effect but there is no issue with using them for longer. We opted for opaque bottles to protect them from sunlight, which could contribute to faster deterioration of some ingredients. We recommend for you to keep our perfumes in a dry environment, away from the heat.

The shelf life of our deodorants and soaps is long too though we recommend use within 6 months to benefit from the full power of the essential oils we packed in them.

Can I use your natural perfumes/deodorants/soaps while pregnant?

It is always best to consult with your physician to answer this question. This goes for any health condition that may be relevant to your circumstances.

See our blog post on how safe natural perfumes are.

Where do you ship your natural perfumes, deodorants and soaps?

As our perfumes contain alcohol, they are classified as flammable goods. We can currently ship within Australia with our products travelling by roads via Australia Post. Couriers don't allow flammable goods to travel by air.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we do. We gladly accept returns within a 14-day window from delivery. We however ask for the returned product(s) to be in a resellable condition, in their original packaging, not used, and undamaged. We offer refunds or exchanges. See our return and exchange policy.

Though we are controlling the quality of each order before they are sent to our customers, don't hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing issues with your order.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do. See more information here.

Do you have a physical store?

We display an address on our website from where we stock and operate however, we are a fully online business. We may set up popup stores in different locations in the future as well as work with stockists. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to be aware of those events.

What does your brand name mean?

Very simply, Fargeot (pronounced Far-jo like "Peugeot") is our family name. It is of French origin as part of our family is from French descent.


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