We are launching all-natural, vegan, long-lasting deodorants!

Fargeot Natural Deodorants

Why natural deodorants?

Similarly to perfumes, deodorants are an integral part of any well-rounded pampering routine. 

It took us a while to perfect our formula but for us, starting creating deodorants was the perfect opportunity to broaden our range and create more products in line with our ethos. All-natural, vegan, premium, and transparent about what everything that goes in it.

We formulated our deodorants to absorb sweat and protect you durably against odors through bacteria reduction and packed it with essential oils for long-lasting scents. In addition, our deodorants are 100% natural and contain no aluminum, no bicarb, no parabens, no sulfates or any other nasties. Our natural deodorants are also free of palm oil and are vegan and cruelty-free.

We also noticed that deodorants, especially natural deodorants, often only offer very basic scents, lacking the sophistication and storytelling power perfumes can have.

We endeavored to up the game by transferring our perfumery craft to deodorants and add a little "je ne sais quoi" to them. You can now buy matching Fargeot Natural Perfumes deodorants and perfumes to project an aura of confidence and sophistication.

What goes in our natural deodorants?

Organic unrefined virgin Coconut oil

Did you know that sweat is not the culprit for smelly armpits? It is actually when sweat comes in contact with bacteria that smelly compounds are formed and released. The things with armpits is that they are moist, warm and dark... the perfect growing ground for bacteria and the perfect environment to be mixed with sweat.

We want a deodorant to protect us from body odor and coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This means that it helps reduce the amount of bacteria developing in one’s armpits.

Organic Arrowroot flour

As mentioned before, bacteria coming into contact with sweat creates smelly armpits. Coconut oil fights bacteria, now let’s tackle the sweat part.

While it wouldn’t be healthy to try and eliminate all perspiration, we can certainly limit it and this is where arrowroot flour comes into play and acts as a moisture absorber. 

Many deodorants may choose cornstarch instead, which is a perfectly suitable alternative. However, we chose arrowroot as it is usually a healthier alternative with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, cornstarch does have a faint smell on its own while arrowroot is odorless, leaving greater room for the mix of essential oils to shine.

Organic Shea butter

Shea butter is known for moisturising the skin and having anti-inflammatory virtues. We were quite conscious that armpit skin can be quite sensitive (especially when freshly shaved or waxed!). We therefore opted for ingredients gentle on the skin.

Also, when mixed with coconut oil, shea butter gives our deodorants a nice smooth texture.

Non-nano natural zinc oxide

You may find baking soda (or bicarb) in other natural deodorants due to its antiperspirant properties. However, baking soda can be harsh and irritant for the skin and we therefore chose to avoid it altogether.

Instead, we chose to add a little something to help fight bacteria. Zinc oxide has antimicrobial properties, and coupled with the coconut oil, it forms a strong anti-odor barrier. Zinc oxide is also known to soothe the skin.

Most zinc oxide is nowadays produced synthetically. It is however possible to find some produced naturally as the mineral zincite. We made sure to use natural Zinc oxide made of zincite.

Also, we preferred using non-nano Zinc oxide. Non-nano means that the particles aren't small enough to penetrate the skin. This is considered safer for your body.

Candelilla wax

We mainly use this one to add a tiny bit of firmness to the paste. Our deodorant paste might vary slightly in consistency depending on temperature. We thought about how firm the paste should be based on an Australian climate so the paste doesn’t become too soft in hot temperature. Not too firm, not too soft, just right.

Most deodorants would use beeswax as an ingredient to achieve that effect, which makes them non-vegan. Of course, we took the vegan route with candelilla wax. Candelilla wax is derived from the candelilla shrub leaves, native to northern Mexico and southwestern United States.

As a bonus, candelilla wax supports collagen production for a healthy smooth skin.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is derived from vegetable oil, usually soybeans. This one is not essential though added as a pampering bonus for the skin. In addition, it is known to fight off toxins and free radicals.

Essential oils

We packed our deodorants with the essential oils used in your favourite Fargeot Natural Perfumes for a long-lasting effect coupled with an elegant scent.

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