Soie - All-Natural Vegan Women's Perfume by Fargeot
Soie - All-Natural Vegan Women's Perfume by Fargeot White background

Soie | Natural Perfume

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Awaken the dreamer within with Soie as it weaves an enchanting dreamscape with its divine composition. Ambrette seed and Sandalwood create a harmonious foundation, while Pink Lotus and Blackcurrant lend a delicate floral sweetness with a hint of mystery. Benzoin resin and Strawberry infuse the fragrance with a comforting sweetness, leading you on a journey within. The intoxicating embrace of Vanilla and Patchouli guides you along the path of dreams, where treasures of the heart await discovery.

Full composition: Organic Alcohol, Rosewater, Ambrette seed, Sandalwood, Pink Lotus, Blackcurrant buds, Benzoin resin, Strawberry seed, Vanilla, Patchouli

Vegan Australia Certified

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